It Is Haraam To Implement Islam Gradually

"This day I have perfected your Deen for you, I have completed my favour upon you
and have chosen Islam for you as your Deen."
[Qur'an 5:3]

After the revelation of this ayah, the Muslims became solely obliged to apply and execute all of the Islamic rulings without exception whether these akham were related to 'aqeedah (beliefs), ibadat (worship), akhlaq (morals) or muamalat (transactions in society). Allah (subhannah wa ta'ala) has also said:

"And judge between them with what Allah has revealed and do not follow their desires and beware that they do not divert you from any of what Allah has revealed." [Qur'an 5:48]

This is a strict order from Allah to His Messenger (salallaahu 'alayhee wa sallam) and to the Islamic rulers after the Messenger (salallaahu 'alayhee wa sallam) indicating that it is Wajib (compulsory) to rule according to all of what Allah (subhannah wa ta'ala) has revealed of ahkam, whether these ahkam implied an order to do or not to do. The Arabic word ma' implies generality and hence includes all revealed rulings. Allah (subhannah wa ta'ala) also forbade His Messenger (salallaahu 'alayhee wa sallam) and the Islamic rulers thereafter to follow the people's desires or yield to their wishes.

Allah (subhannah wa ta'ala) also said in other verses:

"..and whoever does not rule with whatever Allah has revealed is an unbeliever (kaffir), oppressor (zalim), wrong doer (fasiq)" [Qur'an 5:44,45,47]

It can undoubtedly be seen and with clear cut certainty that all the Muslims, individuals, parties and states must apply all of the Islamic rulings in their entirety exactly as Allah (subhannah wa ta'ala) wants them implemented without any delay. Applying the Islamic rulings must be complete, comprehensive and in one instalment and in not in a gradual form (eg 20% Islamic law today, 30% in six months and 40% in two years). This gradual implementation of Islam actually contradicts Islam since it involves disobeying the above verses which call for the total implementation of Islam immediately.

The Messenger (salallaahu 'alayhee wa sallam) did not accept to leave the idol of Thaqeef (an Arab tribe) Al-Lat to them for three years as they had requested, or to excuse them from salah as a condition for them to accept Islam. Instead he insisted to destroy the idol immediately and that they must do their salah. (ie he applied the hukm immediately and did not implement it gradually which is what the people of Banu Thaqeef desired). The Messenger of Allah (salallaahu 'alayhee wa sallam) made it fard on us to struggle against the ruler who governs by open kufr. This is regardless of whether the laws he applied were few or many as is evident from the hadith reported by Ubadah ibn as-Samit:

'...and we do not struggle against the rulers, he the Messenger (salallaahu 'alayhee wa sallam) said,
unless you see an open kufr (kufr bu'ah) on which you have a clear cut evidence.'

Thus there should be not leniency in the application of sharee'ah and thus there should be no gradualism in applying the rules of Islam. There is no difference between a wajib and another haram or between one Islamic ruling and another Islamic ruling. All of the rules of Allah are the same in that they all should be applied and executed without delay. Therefore, there is absolutely no excuse in the Islamic world not to implement Islam. Whether it is said that we do not have the power to apply Islam or that current circumstances are unsuitable to apply it or that international public opinion is not ready or that America will not allow it or any other reason are all weak, worthless and totally unacceptable excuses. Those people who apologise for the corrupt governments of our so called 'Muslim countries' should remember the ayah:

"Do you believe in some parts of the Book and disbelieve in other parts? Whosoever does that would be subjected to humiliation in this life and a severe punishment on the day of resurrection."
[Qur'an 2:85]
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