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Check out the cool links below to help you build your web pages

  • Web Monkey for Kids: Here are the tools, lessons, and projects for kids developing web pages. It has curricular ideas for teachers, too. Design Basics takes you through the process of designing a web site.
  • Banner Generator: A quick and easy way for older kids/teens to create graphics for their home page. All they have to do is type in the text, select the font, font size, and colors. Then download the graphic to their computer.
  • Color Maker: Here, kids can choose from a huge range of available colors and patterns to modify the background or text on their site.
  • An Idiot's Guide to Creating a Home Page: Anyone can create a Web page following these illustrated, step-by-step directions. The tutorial is divided into five parts that cover the basics, including graphics, fonts, colors, backgrounds, links, and tables.
  • Lissa Explains it All: This teen site contains all the basics for beginners, as well as information for more knowledgeable young site builders, including a great explanation (and demos) of how to build cascading style sheets.
  • Table Maker: This form based tool helps older kids and teens create a table, preview what it will look like, and copy/paste the corresponding HTML code directly into their Web page.
  • Web Genies: Web Genies offers guidance on creating simple graphics and sound files, as well as basic HTML. There's noting on making tables or frames.

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