Judaism and their Groups


Haad in Arabic means to return to God , and to ask forgiveness. The Arabic word for the Jewish people is Yahood which has derived from Haad. This is due to the fact that Moses PBUH has said, as the Holy Quran puts it : “Inna hudnaa ilaik”, which means “we have returned to you Lord and ask your forgiveness.

The Jews are the nation of the prophet Moses PBUH. He got the first religious book from Allah besides the older book (suhuf), even though Abraham PBUH had a book (suhuf) of guidance before Moses. This is recorded in the Holy Quran as Allah SWT says (87:18-19) : “And this is in the books of the earliest revelations. The books of Abraham and Moses”. The original book of Moses (suhuf) is explained here as the original revelation of which the present Pentateuch is a surviving recension. Prophet Mohammed PBUH said : “Allah SWT made Adam by His hands, made Paradise of Eden by His hands, and wrote Torah by His hands”. Allah SWT, further, gave Moses the Tablets. This is mentioned in the Holy Quran (7:145) : “And We ordained laws for him in the Tablets in all matters, both commanding and explaining all things”. Here, both knowledge is assigned the word “explaining”, and to abide by it by doings is assigned the word “commanding”. To sum it up, Judaism is a religion that came for the Hebrews, the children of Israel, who descended from Abraham through Isaac. Allah sent for them Moses with the Holy Torah, the suhuf, and the Tablets.

It is said that Moses told his secrets to Joshua (Arabic Yousha’ Bin Noon) PBUH so that the latter could tell Aaron’s children because Aaron and Moses were brothers and partners. However, Aaron died during the lifetime of his brother Moses, and the well went to Joshua to be handed to Aaron’s children.

The Jewish faith is built on the belief that religious laws (Arabic = sharie’ah) are only one. It started with Moses, and ended by his death. This means that any prophets that came after Moses would have to abide by the laws of Moses. This is incorrect due to two reasons. First is that prophets after Moses were useless unless they have taught Moses’ laws (i.e. There was no reason why God has sent all those prophets, and this, in turn, is putting God down). Second is that these laws should be taught and followed world wide (in Hebrew). The Torah, however, did mention prophets to come and prophet Mohammed PBUH. It had in it, prior to many changes that occurred, mentioning of the laws that the coming prophet (Mohammed) will bring. There is a mention of Abraham and his son Ishmael, and that Allah has accepted Abraham’s prayers to give blessings to the offspring of his son. However, the Jews deny that it meant giving them a prophet. In the Torah, there is a mention of Jewish tribes visiting the Ishmaelites, and that they used to be called family of God; where the Jews were called family of Jacob, family of Moses, family of Aaron, and so forth. The word that is used is “aal” or “al”.

Jesus, who came for the Jewish people said : “Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets : I am come not to destroy, but to fulfill”. Matthew 5:17. The Torah says that a soul for a soul, an eye for an eye, nose for a nose, ear for ear, tooth for a tooth, and equality in wounds. However, Jesus said that if one hits the right cheek, give him the left cheek. In the Holy Quran, both came in verses 2:178, and 2:237. The Torah, therefore, includes the general  and specific visible policies, the Bible includes general and specific hidden policies, and the Quran includes both.

The Jews deviated into seventy one sects for many reasons of which the disagreement on the Saturday (Sabbath, Arabic = Sabt) is one. The second reason was their constant disagreements with Moses, especially when he PBUH made a house with pictures and people, and showed their levels. But when they lost the door, they were lost into sects. All of these sects do agree that God, when He finished creating the skies and the earth, sat on His throne putting one leg over the other. They, further, believe that one day (of God’s) is equal to one thousand years of ours. Therefore, the six days in which God built the skies and the earth are equal to six thousand years of our time.

Prophets and historical points :-

1)     Moses PBUH :- Born in Egypt during pharaohs’ time (1301-1234 B. C.). He grew up in this pharaohs’ house after the fact that his mother put him in a wooden cradle and threw him into river fearing that the pharaohs may kill him. When he grew up, he fought an Egyptian and killed him. He then ran to a place called in Arabic Madyan, and married Shu’ayb’s (the Jews call him Jethro, which is incorrect) daughter. On his way back to Egypt, he was ordered along with his brother to call pharaoh to believe in the oneness of Allah. Pharaoh refused, and he tried to call Moses many names so that people of Israel would not believe Moses. Moses showed them Allah’s signs, and all the Israelites prostrated to the ground praising Allah. This made pharaoh upset, and decided to kill Moses and his followers. The history goes on to show how Allah drowned pharaoh and his soldiers in the sea that Moses and his people passed safely. Then, while Moses went to talk to Allah on mount Sinai, a Jew by the name of Samiry, made a calf statue which was worshipped by the Jews except for the few (such as Aaron and Joshua). Moses came back, and was upset at his followers, then told them that Allah is ordering them to enter Palestine. They answered him : “In Palestine are strong people, go you and Allah and fight them, we are going to sit here”. This is why they got lost in the desert for forty years, and Moses and his brother Aaron died. All who were with him also died except two, of which Joshua was one of them.

2)     Yousha’ Bin Noon (Joshua) PBUH :- Took charge after Moses’ death, and entered Palestine through eastern parts of Jordan. He died in the year 1130 B. C. The Israelites divided amongst themselves into twelve sects ruled by superstitious judges. One of the judge’s name was Deborah. This type of ruling lasted one century.

3)     The last of these judges was a man called Samuel Shaoul who became a king ( the Holy Quran calls him Taloot). He led his soldiers, of which David PBUH was one of them, to battles around his area. David beat the leader of the Palestinian army leader (Jalout) by the will of Allah, and he became an important person from that time on.

4)     David PBUH became their second king, and kept the kingship hereditary in his children. He announced Aurshalim (Arabic = Quds) as his capital city, and built the Holy tomb in which he put the coffin. He ruled forty years, and then passed away.

5)     Solomon Bin David PBUH :- He married pharaoh’s daughter (not the first pharaoh we mentioned), and his rulings became small to constitute west Jordan only.

6)     Many kings came to the Israelites including Asha’iya , Irmiah (who told his people’s mistakes, but was beaten by the Jews), Hezakiel (who warned the Jews of the day of judgment, and that Jesus will come as the offspring of David to rule the Jews), and Daniel (who was famous for his dreams, foretold what would happen to the Jews, and that Jesus will come to save them).

7)     Rahba’aam and Yarba’aam :- They were brothers who ruled the kingdom of Israel, during which it was separated in to North (called Israel, and its capital called Shakeem) and South (called Yahuda, and its capital called Aurshalim) through where Solomon’s Kingdom continued.

8)     Aamos PBUH :- Both North and South kingdoms were ruled by nineteen rulers until he appeared and ruled.

9)     The North, Israel, were conquered by the Usherians, while the South (Yahudha) were destroyed by the Babilonians. Qorsh, the king of Persia, conquered Babelon, and allowed the Jews to return to Palestine. Only few did. Palestine was ruled by Alexander the great. The Romans conquered Palestine in 63 B. C. under the commands of Pompius.

10)  In the year 20 B. C., Hirudus built the tomb of Solomon again which remained until 70 A. D. when it was destroyed by Titus and burned completely. He was followed by Auranius (135 A. D.) and cleared the Jewish signs completely. He killed many Jews, and threw them out of the city. He built another tomb in its place which he called “Jupiter”. The new tomb stayed until it was destroyed by the Christians during the Constantine empire.

Ancient sects and beliefs  : -

These will be given in seven sects which divided into 71 sects as we mentioned, and the attributes or names of these seven sects will be given :-

1)     The Pharisees :- They are the orthodox Jews, the Rabbis, or God’s people. They are equal to the Muslim’s sufi sect, and they do not marry. They keep their religion by adoption. They believe in the hereafter, angels, and the next life.

2)     The believers (siddeqeens) :- A strange opposite name, because they are the non-believers. They do not believe in what the Pharisees believe in, and they do not believe in the Talmud, hell or paradise, or the awaited Messiah.

3)     The extremists :- They believe like the Pharisees do, but they do not forgive and are hostile. They went into war against the Romans during the first century A. D., and killed many of them. They killed the Jews who helped the Romans as well. Therefore, the name “blood-shedders” was put upon this sect.

4)     The writers and the copiers :- These are the ones who understood Judaic laws, and they are known to be wise and moderate. They made lots of money through their schools, and through their students.

5)     The readers :- These are the ones who appeared following the Pharisees’ decline, and are few in numbers. They believe in the Old Testament, but not in the Talmud. The reason is that they think that they are free to translate the Torah as they please.

6)     The Samarians :- These are the ones who became Jews, but are non-Jews. They lived on the mountains of Quds (Aurshalim). They believe that Moses, Aaron, and Joshua were prophets, but not the ones who came after these three. They had a prophet of their own, prior to the coming of Jesus by 100 years, whose name was “Alfan”. They divided into sects, and they do not speak Hebrew.

7)     The Saba’ees :- These are the followers of the person who pretended to be a Muslim, and caused deviation among the Muslims. He called himself Abdulla Bin Saba’, and he was from Yemen’s Jews. He inserted wrong hadiths (sayings of the prophet Mohammed PBUH), called Ali Bin Talib a god, and cursed the companions of the prophet of Islam. The same has happened in Christianity when Paul changed the Bible. Sabas’ followers are the shi’as sect.

Their faiths could be divided into the following three sections :-

1)     God :- The Jews are people of the book who started their faith believing in the oneness of God. They were going astray between now and then, but God sent them many messengers to bring them back to the right path. Example of this is when they took a statue of calf as god, and worshipped it. The Old Testament mentions that even Moses made them a statue of snake which resembles wisdom and smartness. Their God is called Jehova (Yahwa) who is not without mistakes. He makes mistakes, becomes angry, feels sorry for doing wrongs, full of hatred, orders people to steal, prejudice, enemy of other than the Israelites, and walks in front of the Jews in a column of smoke. They believe that Isra (or Erz), who found Moses’ Torah after it was lost, and built the tomb again, is the son of God. This is also mentioned in the Holy Quran.

2)     Other beliefs :- The Jews believe that the Abraham’s child to be sacrificed was Isaac, which is incorrect. Ishmael was the child to be sacrificed. They also believe that punishments and rewards occur in this life. Punishment is portrayed by loss and disgrace, and rewards is portrayed as winning and accomplishments. Nothing in their religion is mentioned about the hereafter, and hellfire or paradise. There may be small mentioning of it here and there, but nothing deep. The coffin is where they used to keep their most precious things such as Holy Books, documents, and wealth. The sacrifice place is where incenses are burned in front of the tomb’s veil. The tomb is the place David ordered to build, and was built by Solomon. Kahana is the Levi’s position (who was a son of Jacob), and they are the sole people who can translate its meanings and give sacrifices. The Levi’s are tax exempted, and they are thought to be mediators between God and the Jews. Therefore, the Levi’s are stronger than kings. The sacrifice that the Jews make are either fruits, animals, or even humans. Now, they think that God only wants a piece of them, so they perform circumcision. The Jews think that they are the God’s chosen people, and that the spirit of the Jew is in God. They think that the level difference between an animal and human is the same as that between non-Jew and a Jew (which means that a non-Jew is an animal). They believe that stealing and cheating from a non-Jew is allowed. As a matter of fact, they think that they are getting closer to God this way. The reason is that a non-Jew, to them, equals a dog, pig, or other animals. They believe that Jesus lives in hellfire, and that his mother begot him by fornication with a soldier called “Pandara”. However, they do believe in the coming messiah that they will gather around, and that he will lead them to victory. They believe that Jacob fought God, that Lut committed fornication with both of his daughters and drank alcohol, and that David was ugly in the eyes of God. They must close up on their religion (i.e. only the Jews know it). The oldest son, whether legitimate or not, can inherit twice as much as his brothers and sisters. Formerly, a woman that married a man belonged to him along with her money and whatever she owned, but this has changed somehow these days. A Jew can marry as many as he wishes, and whoever did not marry at 20 years of age deserves to be cursed. Whoever leaves Judaism and converts to other religions is considered dead and does not inherit anything.

3)     Sources of beliefs :- Praising the calf came from the Egyptians, and some of the Old Testament’s beliefs were taken from Egyptians, Persian, and Babelonian theologies. The Hamurabian laws were taken into the Old Testament as well (approximately 1900 B. C.), and this was discovered written on a black stone column (1902 A. D.). The Talmud introduces the belief of spirit copying into other creatures after death, and this was taken from the old Indian philosophies. They were affected by the Christian beliefs where they say : “Cause oh our Father to return to your religion”. They worshipped, during their history, many statues which include Bal’eem, Ashtart, Aamon, Shidum, and the Palestinians’.

Contemporary faiths and sects : -

1)     Dounmah Jews :- They are the ones who showed Islam and hid Judaism to get rid of Islam. It was established by a Spanish man called Sabathai Zevi (1626-1675 A. D.) who married a Polish woman called Sarah. They are living mostly in Turkey, and are controlling many vital political and economical positions. They have many crooked beliefs such as no prayers or fasting for God, sexual parties, and masonic ideas.

2)     The Masonites :- Originally, it means freedom builders. It is a secret Jewish organization that take terrorism as part of its policy. It aims at making the Jews, the chosen people, owners of the earth. It was established by the Roman king Hiraudius Akriba and his two Jewish advisors Hiram Abioud and Mouab Lami. However, it was Adam Wisehout (1830 A. D.) who put the final touches on the plans for the contemporary masonic policies. They are atheists with God and His books. They work on bringing all governments down so that they could be the leaders. They use weapons, killings, sex, money, and all that they could to reach their goals.

3)     Zionism :- A political movement that planned to establish a country in Israel, and through it control the world. The word came from mount Zion which the Jews want to build Solomon’s tomb there. This movement is connected to the masonic movement through the Austrian Jew who was called “Theodore Hertz” (1860-1904 A. D.). They have many wrong beliefs which is equal to the masonic beliefs if not more.

4)     B’nai B’rith :- One of the oldest contemporary masonic movements, and its arm to bring down, in any way, all who are against them. They accept Jews only as members. This was established by a German Jew called “Henry Jones” who headed ten Jews, and immigrated to New York. They got the approval to establish this movement on 13\10\1834 A. D.

5)     The Jewish defense league (JDL).

The above sects are all working for one cause which is ruling the world. They are progressing steadily and surely. However, Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran (21:105-106) : “Before this We wrote in the Psalms, after the massage given to Moses: “My servants, the righteous, shall inherit the earth. Verily in this Quran is the massage for people (nations) who would (truly) worship Allah”. Compare it with the modern thoughts and beliefs of the Jews, and decide who will inherit this earth.

May Allah guide the Jews to His right path.   Ameen

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