The Muslim Nation does not Concede to Defeat

Following the destruction of the Soviet Union at the hands of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, the US administration started to assume a more aggressive stance in its international policies.

As a result, they launched a crusade on Afghanistan, and then claimed a so-called victory over Taliban’s Islamic Emirate, eliminating the rule of Shari’ah and replacing it with a puppet anti-Islamic government that showered the Afghani people with promises of a better life and freedom.

Assuming the role of the world policeman, the US estimated the so-called victory in Afghanistan would pave the way for unconditional and unopposed control over the Muslim world.

However, a few months following the US invasion to Afghanistan, what the US had tried so hard to hide finally emerged. It became evident the US had not been able to secure the safety of its own soldiers in Afghanistan—let alone to take control of the country—proving the Taliban were never defeated, for they had executed a tactical withdrawal of their troops from major cities to preserve their arms and fighters.

The crusaders and their apostate agents have so far failed miserably in detaining even one influential member of the Taliban movement or Al-Qaidah. The only achievement of the US invasion was the spread of poverty, crimes, diseases, lack of security and drug trafficking in areas under the control of the satanic alliance.

In addition, the sharp increase in day and night Mujahideen operations against the allied forces, forcing them to withdraw from many of their positions in the south, east and centre of the country, had inflicted continuous losses to the allied military forces.

Despite all this, the arrogant and self conceited US administration failed to analyse the reality facing them and they did not realise the gravity of their mistake in invading Afghanistan. On the contrary, they pursued their vanity and, amidst the opposition of the whole world, invaded Iraq on nothing but lies.

Once again, and in a Zionist-like manner, the US administration exercised the same inhuman and barbaric policies in their attempt to take control over Iraq, as reflected through the random detention of Iraqi men, women, elderly and even children; and the destruction and looting of their homes and properties under the claim of ‘hunting down’ resistance fighters.

As a result, hundreds of Iraqis were illegally detained and many others were killed. The US mistakenly assumed such actions would somehow twist the arms of the Muslim people of Iraq and would eventually subjugate them.

The US had failed to remember the Iraqi people would never forget that their country was home for hundreds of years to the Abbasid Islamic Khilafah with a long history of struggle and sacrifice.

It took only a few days for the struggle and resistance of the Muslim people of Iraq targeting the illegal crusade occupiers to begin, with news on the downing of US aircrafts and choppers, the ambush of tanks and armored vehicles, and the killing and wounding of dozens of soldiers on a daily basis.

It was only then that the occupying army realised the gravity of the situation, and that the Iraqi people viewed them only as invaders not liberators, as the deceptive US President would like his people and the world to believe.

The Muslim resistance intensified their daily ambushes, and the struggle was not hindered by the presence of some hypocrites and agents to the west, or by the silence of the Shiite Revolutionary Council.

It is about time the US realise they are fighting a losing battle against Islam, for Islam is the True religion of God. A nation that takes the True religion and its Shari’ah as a way of life can never be defeated. The Muslim nation may lose a battle or two but they can never lose the war.

Today’s crusaders are facing the same defeat as that of their ancestors who, throughout history, had failed in their crusades against the Muslim nation.

The terrorist administration in Washington must realise the war on Islam is a losing war, and they must gather its mercenaries and armies and cart them away from the Muslim land for good, before it is too late

On the other hand, the Muslims must realise it is only time separating the US from losing its military and economy power, because such is Allah’s way in destroying the oppressors.

Allah (swt) says: “And these towns We destroyed when they did wrong. And We appointed a fixed time for their destruction.” [Surah AlKahf, 18: Verse 59]

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