The Saudi Regime:

Its Legality & Achievements

By Jihad Abdel-Muntasir

The 'Saudi' Arabian peninsula is passing through a sensitive phase which will have a big effect in shaping the future of Islam in the Muslim Gulf. Perhaps the most evident of the features of this phase is the Islamic resurgence which revealed the fraud of the Saudi system, and confirmed the illegitimacy of the Saudi rule over the Muslims, and which has taken practical steps to effect change. Added to this are a number of events with respect to the economy, politics, society, and security which will compete to weigh the balance in favour of the Muslim tide - God willing.


A glance at History

A little over 64 years ago Abdul Aziz Aal Saud took advantage - in consort with the English - of the call of Sheikh Mohammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab to form his Saudi Kingdom in the Arabian peninsula.

After the entry of the Salafi movement into Makkah and its influence over it in 1925, Abdul Aziz began to realise the danger of this movement on his rule, particularly as they demanded continuation of Jihad in Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait and reject the loyalty of Abdul Aziz to the British. Abdul Aziz then betrayed the Salafi movement and killed thousands of its best adherents.

Despite this open war against the invitee's to Islam, Abdul Aziz, and after him, his heirs, Faisal, Khaled, and Fahd - have not departed from the lie which says that there is an Islamic Kingdom applying the law of Allah. So what is the truth of these claims?

The legality of the Saudi regime

The Saudi regime has lost the most important card, which it used to take advantage of to maintain its existence, and this was the card of Islam. The claims of applying Shari'ah and defence of Islam have become empty, and no longer have any connection with the real situation.

The fallacy of these claims has been proven through:

1. - Governing in accordance with man-made laws, and the legislature of these. Topping the black list is the passage of laws permitting interest based banks to increase their activities. This includes also a number of laws such as those for work and workers, the law for the Saudi Arabian army, and the law of the trade room, and others, which run contrary to the law of Allah.

2. - The loyalty of the regime to the enemies of Islam such as the Jews, the Christians, and the atheists, and the regimes enmity towards Islam.

3. - Resorting to secular laws with respect to its foreign policies, and the setting aside of the laws of Islam with respect to international relations.

They have achieved this knowing fully well that any of these is sufficient to take its propagator outside the fold of Islam.

Allah Most High said:

"Did you not see to those who claim that they have believed in what was revealed to you and what was revealed before you, wanting to rule according to Satan, and they had been ordered to reject him."

Qur’an 4:60

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Ail Shaikh says in interpreting this verse: "Whoever calls towards other than the law of Allah and His Messenger, has departed from what the Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) came with, preferred something else over it, and made to Allah a partner in obedience, and has infringed what the Messenger (saws) came with, of what Allah Most High has commanded him:

"And judge between them with what Allah has revealed and do not follow their whims."

Qur’an 5:49

So whoever infringes what Allah has commanded His Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) by ruling with other than what Allah has sent, or demands to follow his own whims has broken the collar of Islam and Iman from his neck, even if he claims to be a Muslim." [Fathul Majid Sharh Kitabul Tawhid p292.]

Shaikhul Islam Ibn Taymmya says: "It is known as a requirement of Islam, by consensus of all Muslims, that whoever wishes to follow other than Islam, and a law other than the one brought by Muhammad (saws) is a rejecter." [Majmou'ul fatawa vol. 12 p 524].

Allah Most High said:

"O you who have believed: do not take the Jews and the Christians as protecting friends, they are protecting friends of each other, and whoever amongst you takes them as protecting friends, he is of them. Truly Allah does not guide oppressing folk."

Qur’an 5:51

Befriending the rejecters and succoring them against the Muslims is regarded as complete rejection of Islam. Shaikhul Islam Ibn Taymmya has mentioned this, as has Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab amongst the ten criteria, which breach Islam.

It becomes obvious from this that the Saudi regime does not differ from the other apostate regimes which dominate Muslim countries, even though it may attempt to fool people through applying some of the laws of Islam over the common people, in particular the laws entitled 'the personal laws'.

This is the prevailing situation with the regime of the Saud Dynasty. As for the achievements of the regime in the worldly sphere, we will discuss this without reservation.

What the Arabian Peninsula has suffered under Saudi rule

The administration of the Saud dynasty has failed in all areas and in the various fields.

On the Economic field:

Fahd, in a record period not exceeding 7 years was able to kill the national economic framework, and its huge financial reserves.

After the country being among the richest in the world, and after its reserves reaching 140 billion dollars, Saudia has become indebted to the tune of billions, with its citizens changing from having the greatest reserves to having the greatest debt.

Amongst the most important catalysts to this choking economic catastrophe:

Firstly: the failed policies, which led to a slide in the value of oil. It is known that the Saudi economy depends mainly on its huge oil reserves, making up 25% of world oil reserves. The price of oil began to slide since the first Gulf war between Iraq and Iran as the White House demanded an increase in oil production to force down the price of Iranian oil. This led to a steep decline in price, in that the price per barrel went from $45 to $30, until it reached its current low of $18 leading to annual losses amounting to billions of dollars.

Secondly: squandering of monetary reserves in compliance with American orders, as Fahd offered his ex-friend Saddam Hussain $25 billion during his war with Iran. Saudia also undertook most of the expenses of the second Gulf War, which was created by the United States to invade the Arabian Peninsula; the cost of this was estimated at $60 billion.

Thirdly: the theft of the Muslim Ummah's funds at the hands of thousands of princes belonging to the ruling family who draw tremendous salaries. The personal wealth of Fahd alone is estimated at $40 billion.

Fourthly: the question over future oil income by the United States of America and its Western partners, through trade deals having as a primary aim of rescuing the sliding Western economies. Examples of this include the deal with respect to the civil and military jet deals with America which cost around $40 billion, the purchase of 48 Tornado jets from Britain, knowing fully-well that Saudi does not possess the human resources to use the equipment she is purchasing. This became as obvious as the sun during the Gulf war.

All these reasons and some others led to the loss of the economy in a terrible way, forcing the regime to review its foreign debt repayment schedule, which it is finding itself unable to pay. Paying the interest alone on these debts has become a heavy burden on the country's budget.

Naturally, this economic catastrophe would not effect the lifestyle of the members of the ruling family. They leave it to the struggling public to face the results of the economic policies of the Saudi dynasty.

Then the Saudi dynasty took refuge in new methods to obtain liquid currency, by imposing additional taxes over electricity and the telephone without any explanation. The government also began to sell public assets to the citizens, the first amongst these being the sale of Saudi airlines.

The Saud Dynasty and the social situation:

The ruling family deals with crown land as well as private land as if these were their own personal property. The princes place their hands over vast areas of land, then they present these to their friends and supporters of leeches and hypocrites, not to mention the building of fantastic palaces which are spread in various parts of the country as well as outside it.

Look at the recent trip of Abdul Aziz Ibn Fahd to the Spanish seaside, accompanied by his large flotilla of servants, and airplanes which specialise in bringing the meals prepared in Parisian kitchens, and "other needs"!?!

This royal extravagance was accompanied with an organised effort to secularise the Muslim people and spread in their midst rejectionist ideas, and moral decadence. Amongst their evil tools is the media which busy's itself with all which incurs the wrath of Allah, to the television which grabs whatever may corrupt from the garbage of the world cinema, to the change of the education curriculum with what fits with controlling people and branding them, as they also send the best amongst their youth to the West where the roots of the Western mentality become planted in their souls.

This was accompanied with a huge laxity in security, leading to increase in thefts, muggings, and drugs in a manner never seen in that country. In addition to this, there has been an increase in unemployment amongst the graduates of universities and technical colleges to 30%.

The foreign policies of the regime, and its loyalty to the Christian West:

It suffices to state the following in this area:

1 - The second Gulf war: The Saudi regime opened the country to the Christian forces which made of the land of the peninsula a base to set forth and destroy the Iraqi people. Of the most important achievements of this war was the establishment of the New World Order under the leadership of America, not to mention the leaving behind of tens of thousands of fully armed American troops on the Arabian peninsula and in Gulf waters.

2 - Peace with "Israel": The regime sacrificed the primary concern of the Muslims - Palestine and the welfare of the Muslims living in it, thus complying with the orders of the New World Order, and giving their blessings to the operations of subservience and humiliation. Then they gave Yasser Arafat a financial reward amounting to $100 million in order to fulfill the mission which has been trusted to him, and eliminate the Islamic Jihad movements in Palestine. Then the regime extracted a ruling attributed to Shaikh Ibn Baz permitting peace with the Jews in order to give a fake approval to this treacherous activity.

Adding to this, other ignominious stances were taken as the regime stood beside the Communists and gave them money and arms in the latest war in Yemen; offering the apostate Algiers regime billions of dollars to continue to lengthen its resistance in the face of the Mujahideen; and prior to this, giving to the Soviet Union $4 billion to rescue its failing economy.

The Confrontation:

Two main reasons pushed the regime to enter an open confrontation with the Islamic movement:

1 - Orders of the New World Order to strike the corrective Islamic movements which now pose a danger to the policies of the United States in the Middle East, particularly with respect to what is connected to the 'peace' process, and the process of 'normalising', in addition to their 'nature' threatening the strategic interests of America with respect to oil.

2 - The sensing by the Saudi's of the danger of the corrective Islamic movement against their throne.

After a period of peace with it, the regime began to arrest hundreds of Imams, callers to Islam, and the youth who are known for their knowledge, piety, and righteousness. The arrests and imprisonment of the Muslims which has continued for more than a year are yet to halt.

Then the regime set a number of precedents closing the door to a number of benevolent and charitable organisations which had an effective role in helping the Muslims of Afghanistan, Bosnia, and other places.

The regime then decided to increase the stakes in a dangerous manner. It began to shed blood, as its criminal forces killed brother Abdullah AlHudhaif - one of those who offered Jihad in Afghanistan - after torturing him, under the accusation of resisting arrest.

This new escalation comes to prove, not leaving any scope for doubt that the apostate regime will stop at nothing to remain in power.

As for us, we have complete faith in Allah, Exalted and Glorified, and with the leaders of the Islamic movements on the Arabian Peninsula who fully understand when a full confrontation must begin which will eject the treacherous apostate Saud dynasty regime, and raise the banner of Tawheed (no god except Allah) as a true flag for a people who live according to the revelations. "On that day, the faithful will be happy, with the victory from Allah, He succours whom He wills, and He is the Sublime, the Merciful."

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