Beauty Queens Outside and Slobs Inside?

In the West women dress with looks to kill outside the home and save the sweats and t-shirts for inside. Most women will look very beautiful while going outside of the house, but look like a slob inside the house.

The one of them spends at least an hour taking a shower in the morning, putting on makeup, fixing her hair, and making sure she will look snazzy and smell pleasant when she steps out the door.

When this sweetly scented woman steps back in the door, off goes the mini skirt and tight sporty jacket. The make-up is removed and on goes the sweats. When the husband steps in the door he is greeted with complaints and gets to fix his eyes on raggedy clothes and a tired worn out face.

What husband wants to come home to this scenario when he can stay outside and look at thousands of beautiful women that are flaunting their goods.

Some Muslim women have fallen into the same habit the non-Muslim women make. How long do they take to make sure they have the perfect colored scarf to match with the pink furry sweater they may wear that day. How often have they found themselves trying to find the perfect pumps to wear with that new jilbab? How many times have we seen a Muslim woman with perfectly plucked eyebrows and beautiful bright red lipstick with her hijab accenting her face?

Why is it we see our Muslim sister hurrying to get home from a gathering with her friends, her husband following shortly behind. Dinner is not ready, and jeans and t-shirt lie beneath the jilbab to greet her tired husband. The kids are filthy and have not had a nap. What does she say, but Oh, honey I'm sorry I talked too long, I guess tuna fish sandwiches and Campbell's soup will have to do for now.

Why is it dear sister, that you do not try hard to enchant your husband and catch his eye. All it takes is coming home a few hours earlier and preparing the house and putting on some nice clothes. Why not spray a little perfume and dab on a little makeup. Why not make sure there is dinner prepared or something is in the oven which will be ready shortly after your husband arrives? Why is it dear sister, you greet your husband with kitchen clothes and worn out eyes?

Next time, try a little surprise. Make your husband light up when he walks in the door. Wear something nice to catch his eye and say something nice to soften his heart. Make sure your house is clean and your children neat and appealing.

Why not dear sister, work hard to captivate him, as Allah knows best he works his hardest to take care of you.

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