The Reality behind the Myth

Herd immunisation which is perpetuated today on healthy children by Health authorities deserves to be studied critically in the light of the Shariah. The theory of vaccination states that by giving a "mild form of a disease" a person is protected by specific antibodies from a major attack. This is tantamount to exchanging disease for health. The harm is, therefore, more than benefit.

The idea of injecting filth, pus and poisons into the body is unacceptable to Islamic rules of health and hygiene. The sin is greater than the utility. Rasulullah (saws) said:

"Allah has not put the cure of my Ummah in substances which have been made unlawful for them."

In the light of this divine prohibition, the filthy and contaminated medical process and institutions of the western kuffaar are unacceptable to Islam.

Allah Azza Wa Jal has created man in an excellent form. He is Allah's Viceregent on earth, hence he is Ashraful Makhluqaat or the Noblest of Creation. By virtue of his inherent and intrinsic beauties and excellence, intelligence and spirituality, man surpasses all other species of creation. Man is a unique entity equipped with a natural immune system having the potential to fight all harmful and alien microbes, viruses and bacteria. If man leads his life in strict accordance to the divine advices, admonitions and restrictions pertaining to health, hygiene and morality, his health will remain secured from attack by harmful bacteria, sicknesses and disease.

The kuffaar, however, find imperfection in the Handiwork of Allah Ta'ala and are endeavouring to boost the defence mechanism of health by filthy artificial means which are fraught with health hazards.

Man is a superior being. There is a vast difference between man and the lowly beasts. What is applicable to him is not suited to the lower animals and vice versa. But The atheists equate animals with man because they subscribe to the ludicrous theory of evolution of man through apes. They, therefore, believe that what belongs to animals can be safely injected into human bodies. Thus animal cells, viruses, bacteria, blood and pus are injected into the body of man. This satanic logic is repugnant to Islam. Hence, Islam has no affinity with the evil and impure institutions of the western medical establishment such as vaccinations.

Vaccination itself is not a remedy. On the contrary, it is a form of a disease with serious side effects. It is, therefore, a method which is in conflict with Islam. A principle of the Shariah states:

"Abstention from harm has priority over the derivation of benefit."

A substance of an institution in which there is both good and bad will be shunned because of the incumbency of the aforementioned principle. In view of the fact that vaccinations are harmful to human health and employ haraam and filthy substances, they are not acceptable to the Shariah.

The following is a formidable list of diseases spawned by vaccinations:
Anaphylactic shock, Diseases and Disorders of the blood, brain, nervous system and skin, Atypical Measles, Monkey fever, Premature Ageing, Allergies, Cancer, Leukaemia, Paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, SIDS, Encephalitis, Encephalopathy, Ocular Palsies, Guillain_Barre Syndrome, Subacute Scerosing Panencephalitis, Malaise, Sore Throat, Headaches, Fever, Rash, Erythema, Induration, Tenderness and Regional Lymphadenopathy, Parotitus, Ataxia, Retardation, Hyperactivity, Aseptic Meningitis, Seizures, Hemiparests, Rheumatoid, Arthritis, Parotitis, Orchitis, Thrombocytopenia, Purpura, Wheal, Flare, Artheral Polyneuritis, Hemiparests, Pruritus, Unilateral Nerve Deafness, Encephalitis, Brain Damage, Nerve inflammation, Disease of the Lymph glands, Inflammation of the testicles, and glands near the ear, Partial deafness, Skin disorders, Itchiness, Discoloration, Blood disorders, etc........{Compiled from the book Immunisation:The Reality behind the Myth by W. James}

Dr. William Hay says:
"It is nonsense to think that you can inject pus...into a little child and in any way improve its health...The body has its own methods of defence. These depend on the vitality of the body at the time. If it is vital enough it will resist all infections; if it is not vital enough it won't and you can't change the vitality of the body for the better by introducing poison of any kind into it.".......{Immunisation:The Reality behind the Myth}

What kind of poisons are involved in vaccinations? Some of the toxic and noxious ingredients utilised are:

Mercury, Formadehyde, Aluminium, Phosphate, Sodium, Phosphate, Neomyoine, Phenol, Acetone,etc.

Among the animal products used are the following:

Horse blood, pig blood, cowpox pus, rabbit brain tissue, dog kidney tissue, monkey kidney cell, culture, chick embryo, calf serum,etc...

Indeed, there is a great similarity between the ancient practice of witchcraft and modern medicine. Both use of human and animal organs, filth and poison.

The above mentioned writer, referring to the British National Anti-Vaccination league literature, quotes thus:

"Materials from which vaccines and serums are produced:

Rotten horse blood for diphtheria toxin and antitoxin; pulverised felt hats for tetanus serum; sweepings from vacuum cleaners for asthma and hayfever; pus from sores on diseased cows for small pox serums; mucous from the throats of children with colds and whooping cough for whooping cough serum; decomposed faecal matter from tyhpoid patients for typhoid serum."(ibid p.72)

It is said that injection of vaccines sends foreign proteins directly into the blood stream without any censoring by the liver. This can become part of our generic material. It is indeed pathetic that millions of children have been made carriers of these harmful substances and they will, in later life, be confronted with enormous complications, pain and suffering. In fact, It is probable that so many diseases which develop in people in this modern age are the consequences of the introduction of filth and poison into the blood and body by way of immunisation.

There is a thick wall of ignorance acting as a barrier against understanding the real nature of the vaccination programme. The elevation of western medicine to a godly status, coupled with media indoctrination, has befuddled the universal mode of argument advanced by the common people in support of vaccination is disproved by the facts explained thereunder.

The Salk Polio vaccine, they say, saved countless human lives. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn says in this regard:

Doctors admit that 40% of our (United States) population is not immunised against polio. So where is polio? Diseases are like fashions..They come and go, like the flu of 1918."

Dr. Christopher Kent said that there were 28000 cases of polio in the US in 1951, but "when a government subsidised study of polio began, the rate soared to an all-time high of well over 55000 cases."

Dr. Bernard Greenberg, Head of the Department of Biostatistics of the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, remarked that not only did polio increase substantially (50% from 1957 to 1958 and 80% from 1958 to 1959) after the introduction of mass and frequent compulsory immunisation programs, but statistics were manipulated and statements made by the Public Health Service to give the opposite impression. (Immunization-the Reality behind the Myth, pp.26,28).

This vaccine contains monkey-kidney cell. It is not permissible to utilise such substances according to Shariah. These viruses lie dormant in the bloodstream as potential long term disease-carriers.


Professor Arie Zuckerman of the World Health Organisation said:

"Immunisation against smallpox is more hazardous than the disease itself."

Those countries with mandatory vaccinations suffered more than those who had rules. A compulsory vaccination programme introduced in the Philippine's between 1917 and 1919 "brought on the largest smallpox epidemic in the history of that country with 162503 cases and 71453 deaths, all vaccinated."

Furthermore, "for more than fifty years the populations of Australia and New Zealand have been practically unvaccinated, yet they have been more free from smallpox than any other community."

And what is more, "The most thoroughly vaccinated countries are Italy, the Philippine's, Mexico and what was formally called British India. All of these have been scourged with smallpox epidemics." (ibid p.33)

Small pox serums are obtained from pus oozing from sores of diseased cows. Who will cherish the idea of nourishing their children with pus, disease and filth?

The term vaccination has assumed a medical halo, hence parents readily condone the impurities introduced through the needle into the bloodstream's of their children. Ironically, they are introducing a disease instead of seeking natural health and safety.

"Dr.Charles W.Dulles, former lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, said:
It has been shown by statistics that in countries where that method (i.e. the Pasteur treatment) is employed, the number of deaths from hydrophobia has increased and not diminished."

Dr. William Brady wrote in the Berkley Gazette:

"I have never seen a case of rabies in man and I have never met a doctor Who has seen a case, yet we know that the preventive inoculation of Pasteur virus sometimes causes death......The Pasteur treatment of rabies is a blind treatment."(ibid p.78)

Walene James says:

".....organised medicine was using policing powers of the state to enforce obedience to its doctrines."

Until 1947 the rabies vaccine was made from the spinal cord and brains of cats, dogs and rabbits. It is said that a thorough wash with soap and water would remove the rabies virus. This is, indeed a simple remedy... (which cannot be patented...implying no increase in profits for the international medical monopoly).

DPT administration begins when the child is two months old. Referring to the DPT vaccine, Assistant Secretary of Health, Edward Brandt, JR., M.D. said:
Every year 35000 children suffer neurological reactions because of this vaccine."

Dr.John Robbins said:

"......some children Who get this vaccine get brain damaged."

Some studies link "hyperactivity and learning disabilities among children" to childhood immunisation's.

Walene James observes:

"Many doctors are reluctant to admit that there is a causal relationship between the administration of the vaccine and later neurological disorders.Probably because of malpractice suits, as well as not wanting to 'be wrong' the side-effects of this vaccine are very underreported."


"they place the virus directly into the bloodstream and give it access to the major immune organs and tissues without any obvious way of getting rid of it. These attenuated viruses and virus elements persist in the blood for a long time, perhaps permanently. This in turn implies systematic weakening of the ability to mount an effective response, not only to other acute infections."

A global campaign to warn people of the destructive effects of vaccines was launched by Drs. Glen Dettman and Archie Kaloerinos of Australia. They said:
"Vaccines are killing children. There's no doubt about it." (ibid pp.14,15,17)

The triple antigen DPT contains thimersol, formaldehyde and aluminium phosphate which are poisons. Besides this, the following substances are used for producing vaccines and serums:

Mucous from the throats of children with colds and whooping cough serum; rotten horse blood for diphtheria toxin, antitoxin;.....(ibid.p.72)

Among the diseases associated with DPT are the following:

Convulsions, Fever over 103 degrees, screaming episodes, shock, collapse, blood and skin disorders, SIDS, paralytic complications, asthma,hayfever,etc.

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