Eleven Reasons To Home School Your Children

Raising Your Own Children is Fun and Fulfilling.Widespread institutionalization of children has damaged children, families and the motherland. You can reclaim your children & family, as well as your culture and family lineage.

Eleven Reasons

To Raise Your Own Child by refraining from institutionalizing your child and choosing instead :"homeschooling,"

"Un-schooling," or non-schooling your precious child

1. Let Your Child Obtain Superior and Genuine Learning

Public Institutionalization of your child does not improve your child’s ability to learn. Instead, it impairs the ability to learn. Keeping your child with you will normally result in superior intelligence and superior education, especially if you connect yourself to rich culture.

2. Let Your Child Obtain High Values

The institutionalization of your child will not bring high spiritual or moral values to your child. Instead, it creates in your child an alienation from such values.

3. Let Your Child Develop High Character

Qualities of character are of greater value than intellectual or technical knowledge. Institutionalization stresses intellectual and technical knowledge, while introducing negative qualities of character.

4. Let Your Child Be a Child

Institutionalization of your child robs him or her of the child’s view and sensitivities at an early age.

5. Let Your Child Develop Genuine Maturity

The typical home schooled child exhibits a striking savviness and functionality in dealing with the real world, ALONG WITH the retention of attractive childlike qualities of innocence, spontaneity and trust. These latter qualities soon are wiped out of the institutionalized child, while the qualities of maturity, competence, and "can-do" ability are generally undeveloped. These qualities don’t get a chance to emerge until the child is finally liberated from institutionalization, late in life, when the child gets a late start in building a real life.

6. Preserve and Develop Your Culture and Pass It On To Your Child It is your cultural right to decide what is important for your child to know.

By institutionalizing your child, you surrender this right and allow others to choose what your child will know and believe. You give up cultural transmission and disturb your family lineage.

7. Let Your Child Learn Genuine Socialization Instead Of False and Negative Socialization & Negative Coping Behaviors

Keeping your child with you and your tribe will normally result in a superior quality of socialization and comfort in-groups, along with personal integrity. Institutionalization of your child will often result in a damaged capacity for meaningful social connection, or negative patterns of socialization which are really just coping skills. Also institutionalization normally results in damaged personal integrity for the child.

Non institutionalized children normally exhibit:

  • Better spirit of fair play
  • More inclusiveness and less cliqueishness
  • More sensitivity to others
  • Far greater ability to mix and speak with people of all ages, rather than having phobias of different-aged people
  • Greater ease in talking to adults and a natural interest in adult conversations
  • Greater cooperativeness in the family, tribe, or other groups
  • A much greater comprehension of the "big picture" as it pertains to their social group and other groups
  • greater awareness of issues and problems in the real world; less insularity and more inclination to social activism; attunement to the "news" in the real world
  • Homeschooling girls normally have far greater "mother-consciousness’ and tendency to appreciate infants and small children
  • Homeschooling kids develop far fewer negative "coping behaviors" such as sarcastic talk, name-calling, persecution of others, obsession with clothes and appearance, "in" thinking, flirtation and manipulation
  • Institutionalized kids seldom keep a friend long; lose their relationship with their teacher each year, and often do not feel close even to the people they call friends. Rarely does a friendship last through the years of public schooling and beyond.

But non-schooled children normally have a few genuinely close friends who they retain for many years and often for life. They develop friendships that are deep and lasting. This is the real oven of socialization—the human relationship. John Holt, home school advocate, stated that it is more valuable for a child to have a few real and intimate friends than to be loosely associated with a crowd of people who are never really close. The fact is public schools actually eliminate real bonding and genuine relationships among children, and replace these with only one fruitless relationship: That of the child to the state/authority system. Socialization is meaningless without nature’s basic system and unit of socialization—the family. By raising your own children this unit is strengthened and revivified, thus the child inherits the true structures that comprise socialization itself, instead of membership in a vast peonage owing it’s life to state entities. Family, clan and tribe is the better landscape of social life.

8. Let Your Child Have a Real Family

The family itself has declined through the widespread institutionalization of children over several decades. If you yourself don’t have a family because you give your kids to the State—How will your child ever know how to create a family?

9. Let Your Child Have You

You can’t raise your child nights and weekends. Your child incarnated with you because they wanted to be raised by you and have YOUR teachings. It is a sacred obligation to give your child all that you have. Most of what you have to pass on to your child can only be passed on through much physical proximity to you daily, through the daily events of life. One of the most important ways a child gets your spirit and values is by actually breathing your breath. They can’t get that if you send them off to breathe the breath of some stranger.

10. Refrain From Abandoning Your Child

In the plaintive song "End of The Summer" Dar Williams sings this line condemning parents who thoughtlessly send their children to a foreign place of which the parents have little knowledge:

"It’s the end of the summer— when you send your children to the moon."

11. Maintain Your "Right To Assembly"

As an American or any other nationality The family is the most fundamental unit of "assembly" that exists. Without that fundamental unit of human assemblage, there would ultimately be no other assemblies. Your role with your child is not merely that of a room-and meal provider, while others take the choice role of instilling values and knowledge. Never underestimate that you are your child’s primary teacher, and this is a sacred relationship. You have both the right and obligation to raise your own child, in the way that you believe is best for your child, and to pass on your unique intellectual, moral, and spiritual heritage as well as that of your ancestors—all of whom watch over and care about your child also. Diversity of culture—genuine human culture vs. artificial and state-created—will be reborn when parents take their children back. The world will then become a green garden again, because true wisdom flourishes WHERE ELDERS PASS ON THEIR WISDOM for three consecutive generations or more.

Cultural Freedom & The Fundamental Human Freedoms

Sound like enough homeschooling reasons? Well, there are more. To get the right view of homeschooling, realize that it’s really about raising your own children. You have always had this right and duty, but have been gradually led to believe, by super political forces, that this was not your right. Also, economic forces were applied to you to make it seem difficult. You were made into a wage-slave, then both you and your spouse were forced to work for survival, etc. But back up, and start from a simple premise of yourself as a free person.

There is the story told by many Native American tribes of the 1800’s:

"The white man came and took all of our children and forced them into their schools. When the children came back, they were ruined. They were then useless. They could do nothing. They knew nothing." We look at that story today from a modern liberal perspective and know that it was wrong to take those children from their parents. The Native American parents had the right to keep their children, to pass on their culture, and to be the arbiters of what their children should learn. And yet strangely, most white Americans today no longer assign to themselves these basic rights. Families that do homeschooling, unschooling, or nonschooling are already in large measure reclaiming these basic rights, which have been eroded by the state.


Homeschooling, homeschoolers

First parents realized they could do the same things teachers did in public schools, and often much better. They began to reclaim their children and families and it was called "homeschooling." There was the idea of trying to duplicate, as much as possible, what public schools were doing it, but doing it at home. At the extreme end, parents tried to turn their homes into schools. There was lots of pressure at that stage and worry: "Am I duplicating school well enough?" There was still the programming that state employees were the authorities in their children’s education. State school officials, threatened by a movement that could jeopardize their jobs, resisted the movement both overtly and clandestinely. (One of the main tactics was the "official homeschooling" program run by the school, which was not true homeschooling, but a deeper invasion of the state into the family grounds.)

Unschooling, unschoolers

Then two things started happening with some families: First, they noticed that many of their children actually learned better and became more educated through leaving them alone and just supporting them in following their interests. (The same way an adult best learns!) Given the emotional security that comes with constant proximity to your parent, and a modicum of the world’s natural stimulation, children showed themselves as prodigous and constant learners when allowed to "follow their bliss." They were even learning to read with just a handful of informal lessons; kids were following passions that led to all kinds of integrated, meaningful knowledge. Kids were finding their bliss and their passions at early ages. This was a miraculous realization and showed the full tragedy of the forced-learning experiment of public school.

The quicker parents, they realized that this was the superior way to education in the first place, and that children are insatiable and prodigious learners if left alone to pursue interests, with even spontaneous formal instruction when hungry for it. They began questioning the basic premise of a "school" as necessary to learning—or whether it is even helpful. These ones adopted the term "unschooling." By using the term "unschooling," the parents are saying:

"We don’t buy the idea that schools are necessary to true education, and we have no need of turning our family into a school." Later, as parents regained the power they once gave up to the state, they remembered that it was entirely their cultural and spiritual right to decide what was most important for their children to know. They realized that this had been their unalienable right all along. Instead of "homeschooling," the movement became known as "full parenting," or "raising your own children." A mother decided one day that it was more important for her daughter to know how to grow every kind of yam that month than to learn another software program or another tampered history. Another day a father interested his son in the stars through a telescope, Another taught his daughter the ancient mysteries of his astrology profession. Children became versatile and skilled in a hundred meaningful things, became virtuous people, and mature for their age, yet more childlike and appealing, than their institutionalized cousins. They received the intellectual, emotional and spiritual baton that they came here to receive from their parents. Neighborhoods began to be neighborhoods again. Families began to be families again. Fathers began to teach their sons again. Mothers began to mother again. People began to be around in their homes during the day. Relatives began to visit and tell stories that were meaningful and never forgotten. Villages began to return that were more fascinating than anything on a CD-Rom disk, and safer and more stimulating than the parking-lots and corridors of any state institution.

Eventually, the welfare state and a cop on every corner were no longer necessary. The United Nations dissolved into a planet of peaceful tribes. People became human again while cities became green and filled with walking folks. Children played among them in safety throughout town and village, around the green, and by the sea.

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