Homeschooling our Children is an Act of Obedience to Allah

By Shaikh Muhammad Jibaly was asked:

If a woman wants to homeschool her children, to protect them from evil influences, can she do so against her husband's wishes? Can you provide any articles about educating our children, especially in this secular liberal society?

His response was:

The danger in the non-Muslim schools is definite, and sending our children there when there is a good alternative available is an act of disobedience to Allaah. If you know that you can properly home-school your children, and you know that you can get by it despite your husband's opposition, then do it by all means, because, "No obedient may be granted to any creature that involves disobeying the Creator."

The following is some brief background on Shaikh Jibaly:

Secular background: BS physics 1977 Beirut. MS Physics 1979 Syracuse. Doctorate Positron Physics 1987 U Texas. Physics teaching and research until 1994.

Islamic background:

1.Extensive self study and teaching since 1978. Student of al-Albani. Met with or studied under a large number of students of al-Albani and others, most prominently Mahmoud Atiyyah in UAE 1983-84, Ali al-Halabi, Salim al-Hilali, Husayn Awayshah, Abu al-Hasan al-Misri, Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini, etc. Keeps close contact and consultation with all of the above and many others on a regular basis.

2.A main figure in the Salafi da'wah in N America and other parts of the world. Well known to most scholars of our time.

3.Wrote and translated various monographs on Islam including "The Quran and the Sunnah" 1981, "The Magnificent journey" 1995, "Celebration in Islam" 1996, "The Night Prayers" 1997, etc.

4.Writer/editor/reviewer for many Islamic/Salafi journals such as al-Hijrah, Hudaa,..

5.Chairman of al-Quran was-Sunnah Society 1991-present.

You do not have to be a teacher or have a university degree to teach your children at home. Studies have proven that homeschooled children are approximately five years ahead of children that attend public school, regardless of their parent’s level of education.

More and more Imams are encouraging homeschooling and some are stating it is a requirement, allhumdulilah.

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