Muslim Kids Club


Stories for You

Bullock Cart & Mangoes

Nabil's Shoes

Granda Uthman and his Grandson

The Boy & the Apple Tree

Amar and the Tortoise

The Bee (Surah Nahl)

Yasmeen and the Four Leaf Clover

The Grateful Blind Man and the Two Liar's

Bilal and the Colourful Butterflies


Learn About Islam

What do we Believe?

Why Were We Created?


Colour - Colour - Colour and Learn

Fun Colouring For Muslim Kids

Colour In: The Qur'an

Colour In: The Mosque

Entering the Masjid - Colour and Learn Du'a

Leaving the Masjid - Colour and Learn Du'a

Colour in the Masjid - Print and Colour

Colouring Books in Arabic & English - Lets Learn about Hadith

Arabic Alphabet - Print and Colour

Muslim Girl Making Du'a - Print and Colour

Muslim Boy Making Du'a - Print and Colour

Muslim Man Reading Qur'an - Print and Colour

Muslim Village with Masjid - Print and Colour

Cool Door Hangers (For your Room - just Print and Hang)


Crosswords and Mazes

Crossword One

Crossword Two

Maze One


Islamic Poems

Fruity Poems

I Pray to Allah


Other Stuff for Kids to Do

Learn some Arabic words


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