Flash Presentations

Here are some flash presentations on Funerals, How to Make Ablution and How to Pray


Washing & Shrouding the Deceased

Informative presentation showing how to wash & shroud the deceased as mentioned by Sunnah, with fully animated graphics. Very easy step by step slides.

Funeral Procession & Burial

A clear demonstrating flash showing the process of the funeral and how to bury the deceased in accordance to the Sunnah.


Funeral Prayer

Animated Graphics of how to perform the Funeral Prayer (Salat Aljanazah) as demonstrated by the Sunnah.



Step by step, learn how to do ablution as in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saws).


Prayer - Beginners Level

The Beginners Level of the right way to pray which includes the basic actions and obligatory requirements needed to perform the 5 daily prayers.

Prayer - Advanced Level

The right way to pray as mentioned in the Sunnah. The advanced level includes all Sunnah actions.

Courtesy of : Islamway


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