My name is Aleah and I am 13 years old. I would like to tell you about Islam in Australia.

Australia is right down the bottom of the world but that does not mean that we dont have a fun time in Ramadan.

My mum cooks yummy food for suhoor. (morning meal) Sometimes she makes rice pudding and other dishes. I usually wake up quickly to eat and drink some water and then wait to pray salatul fajr and then I pop back into bed to sleep a while longer.

I have been fasting since I was about 6 or 7 years old only a few days and then last year I almost did the full month. I hope this year I can do a whole year. insha'Allah.

At this time of the year it is really hot and its very hard to go with no food and drink all day. Muslims dont drink or eat from before sunrise and we break our fast at sunset. Here I have a picture to show you.

Mum is allways telling my sister and I about the muslim children in the world that dont have enough food to eat and yet they fast like us. I am happy to fast because other muslim kids are fasting to and we are all brothers and sisters doesnt matter poor or rich.

During the day we do things about Ramadan some times we get together with other home schooled kids and make decorations and eid presents and sometimes cards for special Aunities. We also help mum get the food ready for Iftar. (break fast meal)

Most nights we have people visit us for Iftar. Sometimes my mum cooks for over 30 people. There is lots of work to do in the kitchen. Mum told me if I help I will get lots of reward for feeding people who are fasting. insha'allah.

We break our fast with a glass of water and a few dates like the Prophet Muhammad (saws) used to do and then we pray mahgreb its so nice to pray with lots of people and then we eat all together. Food tastes so good during Ramadan because you are so thankful to Allah to eat cause you are so hungry.

It is hard the first week and after that you get used to it.

I learn alot during Ramadan especially about the Qur'an it is such a special month and it only comes once a year. By the end of Ramadan I wish every month was like it and I miss it so much.

Before Eid comes Mum takes us to buy new clothes and special food to make.

On Eid morning we wake up early get ready and go to the Park. There are so many people with their children at the Park. We line up for the prayer for Eid and I feel a little sad because I know Ramadan has finished for another year. I ask Allah to accept my fasting for the month and enter me in the special door (in Jeenah) He has for those whose fast is accepted.

After the salatul Eid we play and run with the other children and then we visit muslims famillies and eat lots of nice food. I cannot eat too much though because my tummy has shrunk from fasting.

I love Ramadan so much I wish there were more months during the year like it. I find everyone is so peaceful and full of eeman and eager to do good deeds.

Allah is so merciful to us and I love Him so much and I am so thankful to Him for making me a Muslim. Alhumdulilah.

Why dont you write to me and let me know what Ramadan is like for you in the country where u live and we could put the story up here with mine.insha'Allah

I hope you all have a great Ramadan and that you dont waste this precious month of mercy and sacrifice.

Assalamu Alaikum

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