F A R E W E L L  R A M A D A N !!


Bid farewell to this month with sighs, cries and constant weeping when you say:

“Salaam to you, O month of Revelation: Salaam to you O Month of Forgiveness (of Allah) and release from Jahannum! Salaam to you O Month of the Illumination of Hearts! Salaam to you, O Month of compensation of past sins! Salam to you, O Sacred month, wherein lies a night which is better than a thousand months!

Salaam to you, O Honourable Visitor, whom we have welcomed (enthusiastically) . O Traveler, we bid you an honourable farewell. Salaam, Salaam, O Month of Ramadan! Blessed are you O Month of Ramadan. O Month of Ramadan! We do not know whether you will be a witness for us, or against us (on the Day of Judgement).

This is your last interview with us; we do not know whether you will return to us (in our lifetime) or whether death will overpower us. O Month of Ramadan! How fortunate is the person, to whom you will return with blessings of Almighty Allah, and how fortunate is the one, against whose misdeeds you will be a witness (on the Day of Judgement!).

May Almighty Allah Rabbul Ala’meen bless our Masaajids’ with your presence for a long time, and may He light our lamps with your divine light. The performance of Taraweeh is coming to an end, and our lamps are going to be put off (by your departure). No one will wait for Iftaar, and no one will see the stars for his or her Suhuur. For a time our bellies were under your command, and our eyes were kept awake in constant Ibadah.

Undoubtedly, we are for Almighty Allah, and to Him we will all return! Oh! How sad will be your departure and separation from us. The day of your departure will be sorrowful for all of us. O Most Holy Month of Almighty Allah!We bid you our Salaam.

May Almighty Allah Most Merciful take mercy on the person who bid farewell to Ramadan with repentance and devotion.

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