Letter Writing

Task:Write a letter to a disbeliever explaining the month of Ramadan

Some important point to include in your letter are:

  • Fasting the Month of Ramadan is a Pillar of Islam

  • In the Month of Ramadan another Pillar of Islam is to be implemented, this being Zakat (compulsory charity to be given to the poor Muslims.)

  • That the first revelation from Allah (swt) through Angel Gibrael (as) was given to the Prophet Mohamed (saws) during this month.

  • Why Muslims must fast the Month of Ramadan

When you write your letter, the style you write it in and the words you choose will change depending on what sort of letter you write and who you are writing too. 

You will probably write in a friendly manner .

A letter is to be set out in the following way:

1352 Helens Park Cresent
Moomba, Australia

To .....................

I am writing to you regarding the Month of Ramadan.









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