Ramadan in Melbourne, Australia

Read the stories written by the Muslim children and youth about Ramadan in Melbourne, Australia.

Ramadan has returned again!

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatallah....

My name is Nusra and I live in Melbourne, Australia. Ramadan has returned again, alhumdolillah. I thought it would be good to write about Ramadan in my city, inshallah.

I get woken up at 4.00 am, which means really early in the morning. I have brush my teeth and make wudu. After this I have suhur (which is the meal before Fajr). I usually eat different things such as cereal, tea, bread or toast. Once it has reached the Fajr prayer time I have to stop eating and drinking.

After Fajr (morning prayer), I either go to sleep or I read Quran. This morning my family read about Prophet Da'ud (as). I learnt that Prophet Da'ud was the father of Prophet Sulayman (as). This morning I went to sleep after we read about Prophet Da'ud (as).

I then woke up again! I started to feel a bit hungry so I tried to take my mind off this feeling. I am home educated so I studied Islamic studies, Maths and English. Also, I played with my brothers and sisters different types of games. I help my mum heaps with my baby sister and all of us kids help with the cleaning, including the baby!

By the time its Maghrib (sunset prayer) I am very hungry and I cant wait to eat. Maghrib here is 8.00pm so you can realise my fast is a long time each day. When I hear the adhan (call to prayer) I sit with my family and we eat some dates and fruit and we drink juice, at last. After I have eaten some food we pray Maghrib and I eat rice and meat, alhumdolillah!

After dinner I pray Isha (evening prayer) and taraweh (optional prayers for the month of Ramdan) and then go to bed ready to fast for the next day.

Nusra, 12 years old.

My name is Abdullah. I live in Australia and I am 10 years old. I am going to tell you about Ramadan. It is a very blessed month. In Ramadan our good deeds are multiplied. I like breaking my fast after magrib. I get very tired when I fast. I like having naps in the day while I am fasting. We break our fast with dates. If we do not have dates we use water. We do this because it is the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (saw.).

I like to go to the masjid and pray Tarawe prayer. It is very long and my legs get sore, and I feel very good when I finish praying Tarawe.

By Abdullah Zyka, 10 years old.

Early mornings and fast eating!

Peace be upon you all this fasting months of Ramadan!

I am Rasheed and I live in a very cold place called Melbourne. It is in Australia and its down the bottom near Tasmania. I want to tell you about Ramadan in my home, inshallah! I get up at about 4.00am.....I mean in the morning! Fajr is at 4.50 so I usually have to eat really fast. We have a normal breakfast of cereal, toast and tea. After we eat then comes salatal Fajr (morning prayer). Its important to pray Sunnah (optional) prayer as much reward comes from them alhumdolillah. After Fajr we read the Quran and then sleep.

The day begins again when I wake up. I have to do my school work and read my Quran. I wait for my dad to come home and we read Quran together, alhumdolillah. Then we both go to the masjid (mosque) and pray Isha and Taraweh.

That's my day!

Rasheed, 10 years old.

Asalam walay qoom

My Name is Abdur-rahman.

I am 8 years old and I am writing to you about Ramadan. Of course you all know about Ramadan.

It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. We should spend Ramadan fasting and doing good deeds. When we do good deeds on Ramadan are multiplied. On Ramadan Allahs messenger sololohooalehi wa selem got the first revelation of the Quran. After a days fasting from dawn to dusk we eat this is called iftar. A few hours after iftar we pray a special prayer called tarawee.

Abdur-Rahman, 8 years old


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