*My Ramadan in Turkey*



*My Ramadan*


My name is Tahirrah.I have been fasting for 2 years allhoumdolilah.I am in Turkey on holidays in Ramadan at the moment and so fasting is strange for me. I live in Australia normaly.

When i fast, I go to bed i wake up at 4:00 am. In Turkey a man walks around the strret playing a big drum from 2 am to wake people up for suhoor (morning meal). We eat and then pray fajr and go to bed. When we wake up we are all fasting allumdolilah.

I help my mum cook food for the night.i was very hungry.After that I try to learn as much Qur'an as i can!!!. We do all our work Im now very hungry (but im lucky, other kids have to go to school - I am home schooled you see -and others dont have alot of food to break there fast!) After the azan had gone (which I love in Turkey) we ate some dates had some water then prayed. after praying we ate yum yum that food was good. After food we clean up and go to bed.

The next morning we started again!!!!!!!!!!:)

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