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Crossword 1


  1. Allah's last Prophet.
  2. The first man and Prophet.
  3. Compulsory annual contribution for the poor.
  4. The Book sent the Prophet Dawud.
  5. Digit.
  6. Earth (Arabic term).
  7. Midday prayer.
  8. Islam's first pillar.
  9. What, where, when, .... ?
  10. Light (Arabic term).
  11. Laboratory (abbreviation).


  1. The scale which will weigh our actions in the Hereafter.
  2. A wise person, medical practitioner.
  3. Female parent.
  4. Syrian capital.
  5. The Prophet's ascension.
  6. Lesser pilgrimage.
  7. Mercy (Arabic term).
  8. Revelation (Arabic term).
  9. Atmosphere.
  10. Light (Arabic term).
  11. It sheltered the Prophet Nuh (Noah) and animals against the flood.
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Crossword 2


  1. The Creator of mankind, jinns and all that exists.
  2. City of the Taj Mahal.
  3. The second rightly-guided Caliph.
  4. University (abbreviation).
  5. Opposite of thick.
  6. Father of someone (Arabic term).
  7. The Prophet's traditions.
  8. At this time.
  9. Walk round the Kabah.
  10. The Muslim commander who conquered Egypt: .... Ibn Walid (first name).
  11. Mercy (Arabic term).


  1. Uncle of the Prophet, who refused to accept Islam and is cursed in the Qur'an.
  2. Opposite of follow.
  3. House of Allah.
  4. Paradise (Arabic term).
  5. A chapter of the Qur'an (Arabic term).
  6. This world (Arabic term).
  7. The Oneness of Allah/Allah's Unity (Arabic term).
  8. Peace (Arabic term).
  9. Opposite of she.
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