An E -Mail From God
Email From God

O servants of God
Young Muslims of today
You wait impatiently everyday
For e- mail messages of the day

You log on several times a day
It makes you feel good
When you hear" you got mail"
You cannot wait to read it

Some messages are good
From your friends and relatives
But most are plain junk
That waste your time
You delete them fast

Did you know 1400 years ago
God sent you a long e-mail
Through Angel Gabriel of course
Revealed upon the holy Prophet(p)

Did you open that e-mail?
Subj: Quran: the guide
Did you down load that file?
And book marked in your heart?

Had you opened that e-mail
You had read in it all
The stories of the prophets sent
The stories of nations destroyed

There are warning to the mankind
And guidance for your daily life
Good news and hope for the future
To bring you closer to God

Now, every morning when you wake up
Read this e-mail first
Saved in Qur'an, al- Furqan (the criterion)
Memorize and act upon
Dear young Muslims
The future of Islam

By Shahid Athar, M.D.

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