Roslan and Azman learn to Solve a Problem


by Shamina Rasoolbhoy

Roslan takes out the train from the cupboard to play with it. Azman says, "I want to play with the train."

 Roslan says, "No I want to play first," he lets out a scream.

 Azman shouts at his brother, "I want this train. You can't have it."

 Mum comes from the kitchen and says, "I see one train and two boys who want it. You are clever enough to find a way to solve it. If you cannot solve it we will have to put the train back in the cupboard and let the bugs play with it. So how many different ways can you solve this problem."

Each of you tell me one way to solve the problem that will please Allah S.W.T.

Azman says, " I can grab this train and run as fast as I can to my room. I can lock the door and play with it."

Mum asks, "Will Allah SWT be happy with you if you choose to do that."

Azman replied," No Allah SWT will not be happy with me."  

Mum asks again, "So now tell me a way in which Allah S.W.T. will be pleased with you."  

Roslan says, "We can play together and Allah SWT will be very happy with us."  

Azman says, "We can take turns to play with it and Allah will be happy with us." "But who is going to play first?"  

Mum says' "Let us follow the way of our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. When the Prophet s.a.w. went on a trip he had to choose one wife to take with him. He found a way to decide which wife it would be by asking the wives to pick a stick from a bundle. The wife that got the shortest stick would follow the prophet s.a.w. The other wives would  not be upset as this was a fair method of solving the problem."

                                  [Al-Bukhaaree vol,7 103-104 no 138 and  Muslim]

"Why don't you two do the same. The first person can play for 15 mins. The second person must not disturb the first person or the another 15 mins will be added for the first person. Once the timer rings then the first person stops immediately and lets the second person play. Don't get mad when the timer rings, your time is up and you must hand over the train."


They each pick a stick and Azman gets the shorter stick and says, "Alhamdulillah, I can play first."

They put the timer for 15 mins. Roslan goes and plays the computer while patiently waiting for his turn to play with the train.

Mum comes over and says, "Allah is very happy with those who wait patiently for their turn."

Mum reads the verse 3:146.  

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem  

Wallahu yuhibbu~s~Saabireen

  And Allah loves the patient.

  The timer goes off and Azman hands the train to Roslan, "It is now your turn to play."  

Roslan is happy to get the train at last. He noisily plays with it. Soon he gets bored and calls Azman and suggest, "How about if we play a game of traveling together. Let us pretend this is a Muslim town."

"You [anta] can be my passenger and I [ana] can be the train driver. Tell me where you [anta] want to go and I [ana] will take you."  

Azman says, "That will be fun. I [ana] want to go to the 'suuq' (market)."  

Roslan replies, "Okay to the 'suuq' we will go. All aboard, he announces."  

Roslan says, "Toot! Toot! Toot!"  

"All passenger please say your doa."  

Azman says his doa.  

The train [qitaar] goes round the room with both boys running around.  

Roslan says, " All passengers getting off at the 'suuq' [market] get ready, here comes the stop."  

Azman says, "When will this train come to and end.

Mum says"when Allah wants it to"...........................................................

Can you finish this story and send us your ending ?

  Youth Team at Mission Islam

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