Television or Computer?

It's time to say GOODBYE to the ol' Box!!
Why? Well, scroll down and find out the answers yourself...


No it's not a radical idea, believe me it's not. TV itself is not bad. It is the programming which is by and large bad. In fact, up to 73% of parents would like to limit their children's TV. Children on an average watch more than 27 hours of TV a week exposing themselves to hundreds of unnecessary violence and nakedness at home each and every week!! Think about that. Come on, friends, surely we can live without all this trash, besides, they are unIslamic and that should be pretty obvious why - but hey I guess it is different watching it in your own home where no one can see you - BUT ALLAH CAN SEE YOU IN YOUR HOMES - ANY WHERE - ALLHUMDULILAH.


Face it, the IT or Information Technology is beginning to conquer the world. Now we do not want to be left behind, do we. The Cyber World is so vast that it has so many things to offer us and opportunities for us to explore. For those who haven't tried it, give it shot, I can guarantee that you'll enjoy it. Now there are quite a number of computer programmes available for Muslims which complement the ever-growing number of educational and entertainment products. A recent study has shown that more children have abandoned their TV set for the computer. Owning a computer nowadays is not considered a luxury anymore, Insha'Allah, one can get a set for a very affordable price. Check out the local market for one. There are also heaps of shareware programs as well on the net - search and see what you find.


TV is only a one way communication, passive but not with computer. Web is interactive and more informative. Switch to Web or at least spend more time with it. Learn to make web pages - check out the web network here at Mission Islam it has info. on making a web page, and kids are so smart these days - just learn it and do it. Plugging in also means you can cut down the cost of buying newspapers as you can get the information online, hence, hinder the usage of paper thus discouraging deforestation...Greener World, friends. Muslims need to look after the environment.


There are a lot of organizations out there which are developing Islamic programs for Muslim children on videos and computers. The world is not about to abandon TV. This is just about stating a healthier and better alternative to the tube. We cannot let millions of TV sets, thousands of satellites and TV stations broadcast an unIslamic way of life, ideals, and images as the most harmful product of this civilization. Islam and Muslims have a responsibility to produce and promote a God-conscious way of life, ideals and images using all means of communications possible. You can help Islamic productions by purchasing them, by promoting them, by investing in them. By supporting the development of Islamic media organizations, we are in fact ensuring that succeeding generations remain connected to Islam


Go out and play! After all you're a kid anyway, isn't that what you know best...get yourself dirty and exhausted, never mind the occasional bruises, hey, people don't say "No pain No Gain" for nothing. Be active and burn all the fat away. Do you know that too much of TV can stifles your ability to express ideas logically. A healthy and physically fit child will be able to achieve more in life than otherwise. That's why the Prophet, peace be upon him, encouraged sports and himself participated in them.


It's time to pack your hiking bag and drag your parents as well as other siblings to do some hiking. This is a good alternatives of recreation for your family and you. Explore new places and witness the richness of flora and fauna. Getting in touch with nature can make you see the wonders of Allah and His Power. It is also a good reason for your family to spend some time with each other.


Rather than sitting on the couch all day long doing nothing, you might want to do a little work for a change. Volunteer yourself to be a part of any of your local charities. Perhaps you might be able to learn a thing or two there. Besides, it is a great way to meet new friends!!

Well friends, what do you think? Make a choice for a better future...

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