Immunisation & Islam

The Prophet (saws) said:

"Verily, Allah is Pure and He loves purity..."

Allah has never put the cure of my Ummah in substances which have been made haraam for them."

Since there is a natural affinity between kufr and filth (Najaasat), it is not at all surprising to learn of the filthy and impure practises employed by the kufr western medical establishment. The emphasis of the kuffaar is always on the employment of evil, impure and haraam methods and agencies.

The article on Immunisation indicates the repugnant and revolting methods of the western medicine world. Instead of being a curer of disease, the western medical system is a creator of disease on an alarming scale.

Its system of immunisation is in fact, one of the most dreadful medical hoaxes and conspiracies ever engineered in the annals of human history.


Centuries of domination by the kuffaar has blinded the vision of Muslims and stunted their understanding. Every miserable and satanic idea and innovation spawned by the western kuffaar is being regarded as divine truth to be unquestioningly accepted and followed regardless of the disaster which ensues in its wake.

Minds have truly become perverted when they accept that pus, rotten animal blood, faeces and the like are fit remedies for humanity. Imaan entertains a natural aversion for everything filthy and contaminated. Najasat is the very antithesis of the Taharat and Nazaafat (Purity and Cleanliness) which the Deen has ordained for Mu'mineen. It is only logical and necessary for the Mu'min to discern in this filthy and disease-causing system of immunisation the work and sinister machinations of shaitaan who has employed the western medical establishment to enmesh mankind in one of his most thorough and most destructive plots.


When Allah Azza Wa Jal has categorically announced that this Ummah's medicine and treatment are not linked with filth poison and haraam, then it does not behove Muslim doctors to adopt the evil and contaminated ways of the kuffaar medical establishment. They have an Islamic duty on their shoulders to distance themselves from all pure and harmful 'remedies' of the medical profession which they have acquired. Some concerned Non-Muslim medical personnel have exposed the fraud of some of the practices of western medicine. Their investigations have laid bare the calamities of immunisation They have exposed the myth of immunisation Far from it being the saviour it has been portrayed to be, it in reality is one of the most dreadful frauds ever perpetrated on such a massive and organised scale.

While Muslims in this modern age are adept in the art of emulating all the harmful and haraam practices of the kuffaar, they do not demonstrate equal enthusiasm for the positive aspects which some among the kuffaar now and again present.


The case against immunisation is not based on any prejudice or on any attitude of religious fanaticism as some or many among the medical fraternity would like the public to believe. The charge against this evil practice is raised on sound medical proofs which the result of investigation and research by members of the medical fraternity itself.

It now devolves on Muslim medical doctors to pursue these investigations to further expose and explode this horrible myth. By so doing, they will become the benefactors, not only of Muslims, but of entire mankind at large.

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